ETSU cheerleaders clean Johnson City Ronald McDonald House
The ETSU cheerleaders pose for a picture after working.
The ETSU cheerleaders pose for a picture after working.

Friday, September 23, 2005

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (September 22, 2005) - Recently, the ETSU cheerleading squad gave back to the local community by offering its cleaning services to the Johnson City Ronald McDonald House. 


"We just split up. There are three floors in the Ronald McDonald house and we vacuum all the bedrooms and dust all the rooms," said junior Sommer Campbell (Kingsport, Tenn.).  "It's kind of rewarding just to know that you can help out with the families and the community."


While some members spent time cleaning the bedrooms and bathrooms, other members of the cheerleading squad spent time cleaning all the glass surfaces in the house and sweeping off the back deck and clearing it of cobwebs.


            "I think that any student that will take some time out of their busy schedule shows that they are very in touch with the world," said resident manager Deanna Cox, "That one hour makes a huge difference to the people who live here.


            Because only four people staff the Johnson City Ronald McDonald House, they rely on the volunteer service of the community.


            "I feel like the community of Johnson City, they really give a lot to ETSU so we just give a little bit back to the community and this is just a way we can do that," said sophomore Ashley Mills (Blountville, Tenn.).


The ETSU Department of Intercollegiate Athletics takes pride in its community service activities and strives for 100 percent participation from its student-athletes, coaches and administrators throughout the year.